What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT-101What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A brilliant short video presented to Harch Hyperbarics Inc.at the 2011 HBOT conference in Bratislava, by G7oz.org to show the many benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT. All rights reserved.

Hi there, I would like to tell you a little about hyperbaric oxygen therapy also known as HBOT. A therapy you might not have heard of, but which can help me bring relief to a lot of you folks out there. So please take a seat, give me a little bit of your time, and I will tell you what HBOT is and how it can help you or your relatives.
Personally, the first time I heard the term HBOT I thought I had stumbled upon some new space technology, but as I found out later the history of HBOT goes back to the 16th century. But to leaving history behind us let’s explore one fact which almost always goes on noticed though it is right under our noses. I think all of us as children have heard the same; you must eat to grow up big and strong, be a fireman, the handsome. I don’t want to argue with our moms and grandmothers, what they only told half the story. Without one other ingredient only 5% of energy stored and food can be used by the body. Do you know what ingredient? Still puzzled? OK I’ll give you a hint. It is invisible, odorless, it is a symbol O2. Yes, it is oxygen.
Overlooked, taken for granted yet invaluable for our lives oxygen is not only fuel or our bodies it can also do a lot more. And here we come right back the HBOT-the therapy treatment itself will take us into a machine called a hyperbaric chamber. You may have seen one on TV in connection with deep sea diving accidents.
Inside the hyperbaric chamber you breathe 100% pure oxygen in contrast to only about 21% that is present in the earth’s atmosphere, and most importantly, it is at a much higher pressure than normal. The pressure will vary by the diagnosis being treated but it can be up to three atmospheres the equivalent of being 20.1 meters deep underwater. Thanks to this specific environment various unusual effects occur. For example, the average adult consumes almost 2.7 Kg of O2 per day of which only 900 grams go into the bloodstream. In a hyperbaric chamber with double the atmospheric pressure we breathe double the number of molecules, but remember when HBOT we use pure oxygen. This results in breathing 10 times the regular amount of oxygen. So in one hour we can inhale 1,100 grams. As a result red blood cells instantly fill up with the oxygen and the leftover O2 is almost directly into a blood plasma. In a few minutes all this extra oxygen builds up tissue oxygen levels far above normal even in damaged hypoxic tissue which helps healing. Among other effects we should mention, and ones you should ask your doctor about, are:
1. Decreasing swelling and inflammation
2. Promotion of growth of new blood vessels
3. Increase the body’s ability to fight infection
4. Helping the body discard toxins and metabolic waste products
5. Acceleration of healing rate
We can say that the combination of high oxygen concentration and high pressure basically transforms the oxygen into an effective drug. This drug when used properly and in combination with conventional therapies and treatments can bring noticeable result in only twelve to forty sessions depending on the diagnosis.
When should you think about hyperbaric oxygen therapy? I would recommend looking into finding more information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy you or your relative suffers from:

1. Carbon monoxide poisoning
2. Crush syndrome
3. Gas embolism
4. Decompression Sickness
5. Anaerobic or mixed anaerobic bacterial infection
6. Diabetic foot lesion
7. Non-healing wounds secondary to inflammatory
8. Radio induced manifestations
9. Severe burns
10. Stroke
11. Diabetes and cardiac diseases
12. Autism
13. And others
If you’re interested in learning more you can start at hbot.com
Be happy and be healthy.