Harch Hyperbarics for Traumatic Brain Injury WGNO

Harch Hyperbarics for Traumatic Brain Injury WGNO ABC26

Injuries suffered in two separate roadside-bomb explosions in a span of two months in Iraq in early 2008 left Tim Hecker with a traumatic brain injury and severe post-traumatic stress. He was no longer the man Tina had married.

Frustrated with her husband’s descent and the lack of progress with traditional care, Tina went online and found information about Dr. Paul Harch, a New Orleans-based physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine. His facility, Harch Hyperbarics Family Physicians’ Center, uses high-pressure oxygen to treat basic pathophysiologic conditions.

Following a phone call and an initial interview, Tim was selected to be part of Harch’s pilot study on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for TBI and PTS. He claims the treatments have given him back most of his pre-injury life.