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WHAT:            Over 2.2 million of America’s finest men and women have served in

the current Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Over 700,000 of them have

returned with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and/or post-traumatic                           stress disorder (PTSD), and/or depression, or a combination of these

diagnoses. These injuries have manifest as suicides, unemployment,

broken families, substance abuse, homelessness, incarceration, and

violent death.


To date the only reproducibly effective treatment that has restored

these wounded veterans to productive lives is hyperbaric oxygen



WHO:                         We are a coalition of physicians, healthcare personnel, a medical

association, medical foundation, and patriotic Americans who are

devoted to delivering this life and quality of life saving therapy to

America’s finest men and women.


WHY:              We strongly believe that If You Serve, You Deserve the finest treat-                             ment America can provide. In lieu of mandatory military service or

conscription in our country we assembled an all-volunteer military.

Without question or objection this military answered our government’s call to serve overseas after the 9/11/2001 terrorist

attacks. They returned home with nearly a 1/3-casualty rate. They have been maligned, ignored, doubted, drugged with psychoactive

prescription medications that are implicated in their epidemic suicide rates, and abandoned. We feel it is now America’s time to serve these

worthy heroes.


WHERE:          Our efforts are centered in New Orleans where this 352 year old

therapy has been resurrected and successfully applied to these

injured veterans.


WHEN:            NOW.


GOALS:            We are soliciting donations for two purposes: 1) To fund the                                      currently unfunded half of a definitive study by Dr. Paul G. Harch of

LSU School of Medicine that will be done in partnership with Dr.

Paul Rock of Oklahoma State University School of Medicine.   Success-

ful duplication in this study of Dr. Harch’s previous work with HBOT in Veterans and a confirmatory study by Israeli researchers will be sufficient evidence to obtain insurance reimbursement for treatment of injured veterans nationwide, and 2) To fund immediate treatment of injured veterans with HBOT at select treatment sites throughout the U.S.





Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a 352 year old treatment for wounds in the body in any location and of any duration. Traditionally used for diving disease, diabetic foot wounds, radiation injuries, crush injuries, and other acute and chronic wounds HBOT has found increasing utility for wounds in the brain by physicians in the United States, Russia, China, and Japan. In 2008 Paul G. Harch, M.D. of New Orleans applied for the first time a lower dose of hyperbaric oxygen therapy that he had used successfully on divers with brain decompression sickness and Louisiana boxers with chronic brain injury to a U.S. war veteran with TBI and PTSD. The successful restoration of this veteran’s life led to the pro bono treatment of multiple other veterans and finally a study on veterans with TBI and PTSD. The preliminary results of this study that were published in the Journal of Neurotrauma in 2012 demonstrated the greatest improvement in symptoms, cognition, and quality of life of any therapy so far used to treat these diagnoses.


Subsequent application of this protocol to veterans by other clinicians and researchers in the National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation project sponsored by the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation have led to the same results. The results were further replicated with the same protocol by Israeli researchers in a study on civilians with chronic brain injury, and by the Department of Defense in military veterans.


The net result of all of these studies is that we have identified the most effective treatment for the disabling injuries of this generation of American warriors who served their country. Sadly, our government has not offered to pay for this treatment for our veterans. In the government’s absence we are asking the American people to step up and serve our veterans by funding hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment of their injuries.


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