Dr. Paul Harch, MD: Unsung HBOT Hero NOLA ABC Channel 26

Fall 1996

Dr. Paul Harch, MD (hbot.com) treated a scuba diver institutionalized because of brain-injury from Decompression Sickness (DCS; “the bends”). Ignoring the US Navy’s protocol for HBOT for DCS, Harch instead treated at a lower pressure, and the patient recovered. The patient left the institution, went to graduate school, got married, and went on to lead a normal life. Harch then theorized HBOT would benefit other neuropathologies and went on to become the first physician in North America to treat a cerebral palsy child with HBOT. After that success, he later was one of the first physicians in the world to treat an autistic child with hyperbaric oxygen. This news story from New Orleans ABC affiliate Channel 26 documents just such a case, from the late 1990’s. Jacelyn Moll goes from no eye contact and no walking–to engaging in appropriate communication skills–and walking. Also included is Chad Rovira, who recovered from coma as a result of HBOT.